Flexible dates

How secure is the payment GOCEDO?
The booking and payment of the appropriate fee can be done by two methods: Paypal or Bank Transfer. Both methods are 100% safe when it comes to us. Please check any derivative risk your own computer system or network where you connect to avoid any intrusion before formalizing our payment system paypal or bank transfer.
When is the deadline to cancel a reservation and what is the return policy?
Cancellation is accepted up to 15 days before arrival. The fee paid is considered an expense management and will not be returned. 10% reservation for the same payment method used in case of effecting the cancellation before the date specified will be returned.
Are accommodation deals are made ​​by industry professionals?
Not necessarily, although some of them can overcome any standard of quality traditional formats. They are varied in format, please attend the exhibition makes it the bidder on the ad and if you have doubts contact him directly.
Can I trust the accommodation on offer?
We have a social format that allows the bidder to comment on own previous experiences of other visitors. Please visualize them.
In any case we can also receive negative feedback on the experience of any visitor not omitted and if it is not acceptable we could shoot it down.
We are permenentemente contact owners who have offered and passed a preliminary verification of the offer, but not absolute. Our website is an open, global platform and is why the absolute verification is very difficult.
Do activities that may appear on the page of the offer are included in the price?
Depends on the supply or the owner can not include in the standard price. There is added to the record of supply to supplement the extra payments if you have to do and also must come sufficiently explained in the description. Detail if the activity is included, it is free or must be paid before attending to her or when booking online.
Are Legalized accommodation?
The offers published on our website have been informed that they must comply with the applicable requirements for full legality within the area where the house is. We continually update through our Blog, News, Legal Page for Homeowners, Newsletter, Facebook or Twitter. While the responsibility is completely autonomous by the owner for putting up on the requirements for the offer.
Do you have additional guarantees and insurance?
We are in negotiations with several companies to hire a group insurance if they must, for the moment either hire their own insurance that will cover any mishap, injury, cancellation, fraud, theft etc. in his usual company if you want to be covered for all risks arising from the trip.
Are Restrictive Policies?
In the record of the offer there are some clauses that can be filled out by the owners and can result in restrictions on the use, additional costs, advanced form of payment. For any doubts contact the owner's own record of the offer.
What are the activities and Mixed offers.

Organization the Policy Partners?
We encourage owners to improve their offer to people or local partners. It is a way to provide activities at a price of local and outside the traditional tourist routes. This alternative form which together with our proactive mark us with a stamp of trust and goodwill in the development of any event during the trip. Please contact the owner to update the events calendar and if active on the date indicated on your check if they're not clear enough.
Partners with proactive, creative and empathetic owners are the strength of our motto and GOCEDO project. Continually rehearsed new formulas aimed at improving the supply of visitor strategic alliances. Please refer more specifically to the creator or owner of the offer us if it is a global alliance or offered by us directly.
What are the external suppliers?
We propose that both professional and self-employed people to work with local suppliers to complement its offering. It is a way to improve our diversity and also provide an opportunity for creative people to promote a new way for receiving people from all over the world. Our book and calendar format allows pre formalize the reservation that the bidder of its approval and can contact the visitor while closed with its suppliers booked visit.
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