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The initiative comes from the experience of the founder after his away from traditional tourism and interest in meeting and interacting with local people participating in their daily activities, events, creative models or family trips. After living in shared flats around the world and connect with unique family pensions is that the search for this kind of experience is hard. Much time should be spent socializing, investigate and think that makes online would show a new type of tourism generated by any person or organization wishing to innovate in this new form of mobility and stay.

This new combined modality tested with some proposals. Finally generates an application called GOCEDO, start-up that part of a participatory model and close, so we want to move away from being a distant collaborative company where no factor influences supply. To do this we change approach with traditional models and best deals to our users.

Add the Lab model progressively added technology and facilities to make our offer more attractive.

Lab CoworkingEn the previous phase of the business plan and funding to commissioning onLine on November 1, 2014 elapsed three months.

We participate in the group consisting of, among others, the following specialized services



Jorge Monedero Martín, entrepreneur and founder of GOCEDO:

"After traveling for some countries and my priority to interact with local interest, I realized that it was necessary to invest a lot of time trying to find a guide outside the traditional channels of tourism. Notice also that I felt more comfortable in an environment where I could develop activities and socialize. supporting family or local people proved more rewarding experiences and I also allowed to do so in an informal way, with more motivation than the traditional tourist method.'s why I thought that this platform could help connect in a more creative way and different supply and demand, with reduced costs for more people interested in this type of mobility away from traditional tourism "

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