How to share a dynamic experience

Many people have written to us asking us to we explained the idea of ​​this cartoon.

GOCEDO born with a vision for change in the format of services to people moving, not only in tourism but in any field where new experiences are lived, if socializa, learn, are attending events or consolidated our sense of belonging to people or, affinity to the area of ​​interest.

The conceptual part corresponds to value all our resources: things we like, skills in any field, capabilities to discover any ecosystem or who wants to be shared.

Another important part of our project is the answer to the optimization efforts, spaces, media, who among other things can generate a better chance of being taken advantage. Sometimes it will be a simple park where activities can generate, a public space that we can give, library, civic center, an empty room or anything else that comes to mind. It is important here to sharpen our wits. We also have partners for these tasks.

We created the product combined with an attractive concept: come and enjoy our city like a local, concept would be the quintessential slogan. But this slogan could also change if it is to attract people from other Spanish cities: Come to our city / population / area / field and learn the cuisine of our land. There would be a long list, hope it can serve as button shows as we go on doing more themed post about our programs: exchanges, accommodate a startup, project learning, teach the things we like, ideas autenticas, sports, largo etc.

Please feel free to propornernos anything you can emerge and be happy and together we can devise.

Ilustracion como compartir una experiencia dinamica


jmm • 18 October, 2014

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